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Keep a neighbor safe and healthy at home.

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Our vision is to live in an amazing world--a world where neighbors don't have to decide between putting food on the table and a roof over their heads--a choice no one should have to make.

At [Re]Build, we believe every person should have a safe, healthy place to sleep at night. A place to seek refuge after a tough day at work. A place to raise children. To share laughs over a kitchen table, or watch movies cuddled up with pets. A place to gather friends and family. A place that provides comfort.

[Re]Builders have been providing critical and emergency repairs to ensure safe, healthy homes and communities for our Alachua County neighbors for over 18 years. These neighbors lived with health and safety hazards, inaccessible bathrooms, leaking roofs, frighteningly damaged electrical wiring, and stopped up plumbing. But [Re]Build has responded to those needs for more than 25 families per year--and the need continues to grow. Now more than ever our work provides stability, safety, community, connection.